What is this? A blog on a portfolio? - Mathias Joschika

Mathias Joschika

What is this? A blog on a portfolio?

Hello visitor!

I'd like to welcome you to a new feauture on my portfolio: the blog.
It is primarily a way to get news to you and keep you up to date about changes in my portfolio (yes, I add and sometimes remove pictures).

Are you a gear nerd? Do you want to know the settings? The processing? The magic dances I perform?
Then keep an eye on the blog! I will be publishing interesting facts and stories about some of my images and sometimes about my gear.

If you follow this section of the site, you will also get a glimpse of images I won't include prominently in my portfolio but still feel the urge to share them (Instagram anyone?).

So, bookmark it and enjoy the content I create.